Q: Does the paint wash off/can it get wet?
A: Ali uses an all purpose acrylic paint which dries like plastic and can be worn in all weather conditions, including rain! Even if you take a dip while playing on the water, the paint is completely permanent and will not come off. In fact, if you do not take your hat on adventures, it may feel neglected and cry while you are not looking.
Q: How do I wash my hat?
A: Your hat may be washed like any other hat. Put it in the dishwasher over an upside down bowl or take it in the shower with an old tooth brush using shampoo to get any grime off. Do not put your hat in the dryer, air dry or place near a heat source for a faster dry time.
Q: Do you take custom orders?
A: Custom orders are painted between September through end of October for the holiday season. All other inquiries are taken into consideration and may have a longer wait time. No custom orders will be taken in the summer season.
Q: Do you do returns?
A: All sales are final.
Q: Can you paint multiple hats for my business/team/employees/etc?
A: It depends on the deadline and how much time Ali has available. Please send a message for inquires.